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  • SnowshoeTS

    SnowshoeTS Oct. 5, 2001, 3:08 p.m. (Message 27761)

    Re: Cribs (was Re: Square dancing.)

    As has been said by many addressing this thread , different people learn and 
    remember in different  ways. I like Bryan's analogy to musical notation.To  
    expand on that a bit, I have met skilled and talented musicians who were 
    excellant with tablature and almost unable to deal with  anything in standard 
    notation  and others who could play anything that they had heard but nearly 
    nothing from any written source.
     I too find that I am better able to understand a dance from graphical 
    representation but I have met and have had students in class who could read a 
    dance in text and dance it perfectly and others who absolutely needed a "walk 
    through" neither group was  more nor less intelligent , talented or dedicated 
    than the other!!! One must remember that theRSCDS "bigbooks"  contain 
    diagrams when the publishers felt that there was a benefit from  them. Even 
    the best and most careful  writer/devisor/editor may at times be unsuccessful 
    at communicating  with others in some medium though  he/she may understand 
    the directions perfectly.Yet I have met a small subset of RSCDS people who 
    seem to equate the use of "Pillings" or other graphical representations as  
    something between axe-murder and pedophilia. I think that I can say safely 
    that I have never taught a class directly from Pillings or cribs without 
    reconciling it   the official  dance publication when I had ANY alternative 
    .Usually one reinforces the other. I do think that we must use all available 
    resources to understand  and execute the dances as well as possible and not 
    allow our personal prejudices or  our own preferences to hinder ourselves or 
    other dancers!!! To be sure a class or ballroom of people with their noses 
    buried in notes can be distracting  so of course common  courtesy  and 
    attentiveness are appropriate but so is intellectual flexibility.In my youth 
    I ordered a pair of winter boots -ONE SIZE FITS ALL-by mail: indeed size 17 
    boots will accomodate most feet but are they less than desireable in many 
    situations  ;-]!
    Kirk Bachler
    Twin Cities Branch,Minnesota,USA,RSCDS

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