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  • Adam Hughes

    Adam Hughes Oct. 5, 2001, 2 p.m. (Message 27760)

    Apology (was Re: Cribs (was Re: Square dancing.))

    I've just been advised politely off list, that I've made a fool of 
    myself, in so far as the RSCDS Cambridge Branch brief all the dances at 
    their Annual Ball and their other functions.
    And my apologies to all members of the Cambridge Branch for suggesting 
    that the branch is any less than a group of individuals each with their 
    own opinion.
    And my apologies to strathspey list members for writing feelings not 
    facts.  First rule of email ettiquette broken.
    I realise I will have offended some of my friends and potential friends, 
    and will try to recover their good opinion.

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