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  • Bryan McAlister

    Bryan McAlister Oct. 5, 2001, 10:53 a.m. (Message 27759)

    Re: Cribs (was Re: Square dancing.)

    In article <>, Miriam L.
    Mueller <> writes
    >Adam Hughes wrote:
    >. . . I mentioned Pilling as an example of the worst case since if people
    >could understand that, surely they'd have no trouble at all with mere 
    >Ah, no, Adam. Pillings are symbols, and my mind wraps around such symbols
    >differently from words. Many dancers are comfortable with one but not the
    >other. And then there's the eyeglass factor: I can distinguish pillings
    >without my glasses, but cannot read the printed words.
    >Attended a beginners' class once where the teacher displayed a large
    >chart of the pillings for the dances she was teaching. As she taught a
    >figure, or walked through a dance, she would point to the pillings
    >representation. Classic teaching technique: visual as well as auditory
    >and kinetic presentation. Great class.
    >Miriam Mueller, San Francisco
    Excellent.  I find Pillings symbols generally to be clear and
    understandable and to date have not come across the many errors that are
    always raised by those who don't like Pillings.  
    I do agree that there are instances where P. doesn't completely explain
    the transition from one figure to another but I am annotate my copy as I
    resolve such points.
    When I first went to classes I was rebuked by the teacher for reviewing
    the Pillings  notes for each dance after we had danced it.  I don't have
    any respect for a teacher with that attitude.  As a musician I am
    accustomed to symbols and would never start to play the Dashing White
    Sergeant by referring to a text which went - longish D, repeat, short D,
    short E short Fsharp etc.
    Pillings actually contains the solution to a lot of dancers problems
    with the instructions for dances but teachers MUST try to teach them how
    to use the symbols.
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