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  • Donna Robinson

    Donna Robinson Oct. 4, 2001, 10:38 p.m. (Message 27749)

    Cribs (was Re: Square dancing.)

    As a newbie to SCD, it has taken vast amounts of determination and fortitude 
    to overcome the RSCDS's elitist (sorry guys) attitude w.r.t. cribs and/or 
    briefings. I find this somewhat confusing: the RSCDS rolls aren't in great 
    shape and yet making life easier for us newcomers doesn't seem a high 
    priority!  It is definitely the case that some of our group (Beginners) fight 
    shy of attending balls/dances due directly to this lack (although our 
    wonderful teacher does help).
    Adam Hughes wrote:
    > I certainly am looked down on by the local 
    > RSCDS Branch for dumbing down SCD
    Well Adam, I am a member of that local group, and I can tell you that this is 
    *not* the attitude of the "students".  So keep up the good work and the devil 
    take the hindmost.
    I might add that every single dance at St Andrew's Summer School this year 
    was briefed just beforehand irrespective of difficulty level, and cribs for 
    all the dances were handed out at the beginning of the week.  Perhaps change 
    is on the way ...
    Cambridge, UK

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