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  • mlbrown

    mlbrown Oct. 4, 2001, 6:28 p.m. (Message 27748)

    Re: Braes of Tulliemet.

    Harry wrote;
    > My copy of 101 (reprinted January 1957) has:
    > 13 - 16  First couple lead up the middle to the top of the set, then cast
    > off one place
    > on their own sides of the dance and cross over to face 1st corners.
    > This has to be an error, since they started this on opposite sides and are
    > not told to cross over at the top. And it would be a long way to go if
    > did.
    Very interesting! (As someone used to say) - I have just looked again at my
    2 copies of 101, and one is "January 1960", and the other is
    "October 1957 (with corrections)".
    Both editions state in the words that the dancing couple cast off on
    the wrong (opposite) side of the dance - presumably one of the
    "corrections", but the diagram in both editions still show the
    dancing couple casting off on their own sides to face corners!
    Perhaps that's another of the drawbacks to the teacher training process -
    it stops us having a relaxed attitude to the dance "details" ?

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