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  • Ken McFarland

    Ken McFarland Oct. 4, 2001, 6:38 p.m. (Message 27747)

    Re: Cribs (was Re: Square dancing.)

    >From: "Miriam L. Mueller" <>
    >Ah, no, Adam. Pillings are symbols, and my mind wraps around such symbols 
    >differently from words. Many dancers are comfortable with one but not the 
    I think it's great to enable both sets of abilities. I have the opposite 
    need from Mimi: I easily understand English-based language words, but 
    Pillings eascapes me. They might as well print Pillings in Egyptian 
    hieroglyphs, for all the good it does me.
    What I find very troubling is when I show up at a Ball or Dance Party where 
    a Branch has only printed Pillings. It's as if the right handers are 
    discriminating against the left handers, perhaps unintentionally, but 
    possibly thoughtlessly...
    Ken McFarland
    And then there's the eyeglass factor: I can distinguish pillings
    >without my glasses, but cannot read the printed words.
    >Attended a beginners' class once where the teacher displayed a large
    >chart of the pillings for the dances she was teaching. As she taught a
    >figure, or walked through a dance, she would point to the pillings
    >representation. Classic teaching technique: visual as well as auditory
    >and kinetic presentation. Great class.
    >Miriam Mueller, San Francisco
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