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  • Ken McFarland

    Ken McFarland Oct. 4, 2001, 6:23 p.m. (Message 27746)

    Re: Machine w/o Horses, Rutherford

    >Richard Goss wrote:
    > >...At the time of publication, "Machine..." had no living tradition as 
    >being danced, so the Society had to rely on Rutherford, >1772 for its 
    >source of information. My reading of R1772 indicates that this may well 
    >have happened in this case.
    Now that we know you are alive & posting, please tell me what page and in 
    which volume of Rutherford I might find Machine? I have both volumes from a 
    (perfectly legal) copy made at the Vaughn Williams Library at Cecil Sharp 
    Ken McFarland
    >I don't have a copy of R1772 and it doesn't seem to be in the Library of
    >Congress online dance archives.  I was wondering, Richard, if you could 
    >the *original* instructions to this dance.
    >The thought occurred to me that, possibly, in the original version, only 
    >1s dance the track of bars 17-24.  The 2s would step up on bars 23-24.  The
    >Society, in reconstructing the dance, might have had the idea that letting
    >the 2s follow the 1s would add interest.  In a further great speculative
    >leap, I imagine the Society deciding that the 2s should dance straight into
    >place, rather than cast, so as to maintain continuity with what the 2s in
    >1772 were doing on bars 23-24.
    >Which is why it would be ever so enlightening to read the original
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