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  • Lee Fuell

    Lee Fuell Oct. 4, 2001, 1:23 p.m. (Message 27733)

    Re: Test

    Wee Cooper of Fife - that's the one whose name I couldn't 
    remember.  Yon Wee Cooper's a cantankerous lad, at least for me!
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    Subject:        	Re: Test 
    Date sent:      	Thu, 04 Oct 2001 09:50:41 +0200
    From:           	Anselm Lingnau <>
    > There are various dances using 10-bar phrasing, the most well-known of
    > which is The Wee Cooper of Fife, by Hugh Foss. There are also some
    > dances using six-bar phrasing (or three-bar phrasing, depending on how
    > you look at it).
    > Anselm

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