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  • res009k3

    res009k3 Oct. 4, 2001, 9:47 a.m. (Message 27732)

    Ladies' Chain: RSCDS vs Contra.

    In other words, as contr(a/y) dancing is figure dancing, there are no
    differences in the ladies' chain figures when comparing the RSCDS with
    contra versions.
    Assuming, of course one is using the "traditional", WYJTD RSCDS
    version as opposed to the posthumus versions were Miss M's text and
    diagram has been altered to creat a ladies' chain impossible to dance.
    This is not to say that the styling is the same as it is obviously
    not. Still if an experienced RSCDS couple was vis a vis an experienced
    contra couple, the figure would work with both styles going on
    simultaneously as long as the dancers were showing proper social
    etiquete and giving eye contact.
    For example, this would not be the case if these couples were in the same set for …
         Petronella, when one would be setting while the other was turning,.
         Dashing White Sergeant where heads would clash on the pass through,
         Circassian Circle [dance not form] where the RSCDS figures 1234 are danced
              1324 in contra dancing, which makes more sence from a [A] choreographical 
              and [B] musical sense:
    rights and lefts flows naturally into a ladies' chain, and 
                  set 2x turn two hands flows naturally into an all round pousette.
                  bars 1-16 [AA] are the same for the skip change of steps, and 
                  bars 17-32 [BB] are the same for the pas-de-bas steps.
    R Goss,

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