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  • Angus Henry

    Angus Henry Oct. 3, 2001, 5:11 a.m. (Message 27730)

    Re: Books versus Cribs

    Yes; always, if we want to teach or research a dance (and the same 
    with CDs or tapes if recorded with original tunes).
    Books extend to about 2.5 metres of shelf space, plus files of 
    leaflets.  If done consistently over time a collection is not unduly 
    expensive to build up.
    Cribs, never, unless originals are genuinely impossible to get.
    >	So, having had a quick check, I have about 349 books containing 3604
    >dances not including Leaflets or all the RSCDS publications which I
    >have also.
    >	So........ Who else supports the poor deviser seeking sales??
    >Cheers,  Ron   :)
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