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  • Anselm Lingnau

    Anselm Lingnau Oct. 4, 2001, 9:50 a.m. (Message 27728)

    Re: Test

    Lee Fuell <> writes:
    > Actually, I did a dance once with 10-bar phrasing (can't remember 
    > the name) and it about drove me crazy.  I'm too programmed to 
    > anticipate 8-bar phrases.  Actually, a piper friend once told Patty & 
    > I that a Strathspey called (IIRC) Molly Connoll (sp?) is in 12-bar 
    > phrases; has anyone set a dance to it?
    There are various dances using 10-bar phrasing, the most well-known of
    which is The Wee Cooper of Fife, by Hugh Foss. There are also some
    dances using six-bar phrasing (or three-bar phrasing, depending on how
    you look at it).
    I haven't heard about a dance in 12-bar phrases but would like to
    suggest that for a real challenge, 7-bar or 9-bar phrases might be more
    interesting. The main problem would be one of obtaining Scottish music
    to suit.
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