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  • Ken McFarland

    Ken McFarland Oct. 4, 2001, 1:29 a.m. (Message 27719)

    RE: Lady Hamilton's Strathspey / Turkish Dances

    > > From: Bruce Hamilton
    > > John Drewry wrote it on Ken McFarland's tour to Turkey last
    > > October, and
    > > dedicated it to my wife, Jo Hamilton.  I have the directions here
    >Has the dance been published yet?  Do you think John would object to >your 
    >putting the full directions out on strathspey?
    I checked with John Drewry by telephone today, and he said that TACBooks has 
    just published the dance in two books titled "The Turkish Book" (all dances 
    from that trip to Turkey) and "Greenburn Book Vol 3", where 3 or 4 dances 
    from the trip are included. The Turkish trip stimulated him more than some 
    other trips have: he wrote 20 new dances.
    Eastern Promise is another good strathspey from the book, and The Whirling 
    Dervishes is a challenging "vertiginous" reel! You can reach TACBooks by 
    email at xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxx.xx
    Ken McFarland
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