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  • Anselm Lingnau

    Anselm Lingnau Oct. 3, 2001, 10 p.m. (Message 27713)

    Re: Braes of Tulliemet. Was Harvest Social, Oct. 27

    Norah Link <> writes:
    > (Note: I don't have 101 myself, am just reporting what
    > she said.  Perhaps someone who has both books would check again.)
    I have 101 SCD (the 1972 reprint) in front of me and it says
      13-16  1st couple lead up the middle to the top of the set, then cast 
             off one place on the wrong sides of the dance and turn to face
             1st corners.
    Book 7 (the 1986 edition) tells us that
      13-16  1st couple lead up to the top and cast off one place and finish
             facing first corners. 3rd couple step down on bars 15-16.
    Looks the same to me. Incidentally, 101 SCD has a note in front that
      This book is published with the full approval of the Royal Scottish
      Country Dance Society.
    so even if 101 SCD was published at Miss Milligan's private pleasure
    rather than that of the Society, it ought to be safe for us to assume
    that the dances didn't differ from the official RSCDS publications.
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