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  • Adam Hughes

    Adam Hughes Oct. 3, 2001, 7:44 p.m. (Message 27704)

    Cribs (was Re: Square dancing.)

    Norah Link wrote:
    >>If I had a penny for each person I had to individually 
    >>persuade at the 
    >>club I dance in that a crib was not an instrument of torture, 
    >>but was in 
    >>fact "succinct and easy to understand", I'd have more than 20 
    >>Some of them still don't think that.  Most of them are 
    >>educated people. 
    >>  Most of them are young (under 30).
    > P.S. Have you considered that it may also be necessary to redesign your
    > cribs so they are easier to understand quickly?
    I hadn't given it much thought, mostly because cribs are usually 
    provided to all attendees by the organiser, not by our club for our 
    members.  Home dances are not a problem since we can ensure we've done 
    all the dances in class.
    I could try preparing my own cribs for dances I attend, and distributing 
    them in our club... but writing cribs isn't something I have much 
    experience of.  Any tips on producing good clear cribs would be 
    appreciated. (Peter?)
    I tend to assume that some care has gone into the production of cribs 
    provide for a ball.  I'd feel a bit rude pulling out my own crib when 
    one is provided, as rude as taking a my own plate and cutlery to a 
    What I'd really like is for everyone to understand Pilling...
    Cambridge, UK

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