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  • Fyreladdie

    Fyreladdie Oct. 3, 2001, 5:53 p.m. (Message 27698)

    Re: What do you think about this?

    In a message dated 10/3/01 8:38:39 AM, writes:
    I think the focus on classes is what builds strong SCD communities. I
    LOVE an evening of dancing; but I think that my strongest social
    connections have been built in class settings over time. (why?)
        I think you may have hit upon an important factor. Social connection is 
    one of the main reasons for a strong SCD group. The reason is, as SCD we need 
    to dance as a team and not as an individual. If the team fails we all fail. 
    My experience with Contra is that individuals like to "Grand stand" a bit 
    more with their twirls and extra turns with little regard to the phrasing and 
    beauty of the dance. On more than one occasion I have had to catch up in a 
    dance because others thought it more important to do, just one more twirl. 
        In SCD we have learned to cooperate and that brings us closer together. 
    The few times I did Contra, I really felt like an outsider and surely not 
    part of the group. It may have been just my experience with Contra but SCD 
    has me in it's grips and I am lost to it until such time the legs and feet no 
    longer move. Happy dancing.
    Bob Mc Murtry
    Felton, Calif

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