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  • Martin.Sheffield

    Martin.Sheffield Oct. 2, 2001, 11:12 a.m. (Message 27674)

    RE: MP3 idea

    At 13:51 01/10/01 -0700, you wrote:
    >... I feel we as dancers must support our 
    >musicians by buying their CDs.
    Total agreement (even if I have to admit owning one or two pirated
    cassettes -- given by well-meaning friends rather than solicited), and I
    usually say so when, after a workshop with newcomers, someone asks me for
    the pieces of music used for dances taught. Trouble is, when you have
    taught a handful of dances with music from the same number of different
    CDs, what do you say? "Go and order 120 euros worth of CDs, just to get the
    few tracks you want to listen to or use" ? (I think we have to pay rather
    more in Europe than you do outre-Atlantique).
    The price is definitely a disincentive, and only the hard-bitten like
    ourselves are willing to pay for hundreds of tracks although we'll never
    use more than a quarter of them.
    I used to buy every CD that came out, but now that I have 5 Follow me
    homes, 5 or more 80-bar reels, innumerable too-slow speys and too-fast
    jigs, not to mention Eightsome reels galore, I'm getting wary about what I
    The track-sharing idea is becoming attractive, whatever the ethics of the
    question, and I certainly like Oberdan's suggestion of a public pool of
    out-of-print material. After all, if a piece of music is widely appreciated
    but unavailable commercially, there will be plenty of private copying going
    on anyway. Having a centralized source of unscratched, unfaded music would
    suit me well.
     in Grenoble, France.

                  (dance groups,  events,  some new dances ...)

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