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  • Miriam L. Mueller

    Miriam L. Mueller Oct. 2, 2001, 5:36 p.m. (Message 27665)

    Re:Breakfast Dance (formerly: What do you think about this?)

    Bob McMurtry of Felton CA wrote:
        Eating is my other hobby. Love the breakfast dance idea. I may have
    devise a few for such occasions. 
    For several years a group of us used a brunch format for trying out newly
    devised dances. People in town for the monthly party would sleep over and
    try new dances in the morning before heading home. (The best dances ended
    up in the book "Sunday Brunch.")  We did find that, after a dance party
    the night before, 10:30 was the earliest enough people showed up, and
    dancing didn't usually start before 11:00. Pleasant, relaxed - with
    hospitality offered, could be a lovely incentive for people to come from
    a distance for a dance and stay the weekend.
    Miriam Mueller, San Francisco

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