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  • Stella Fogg

    Stella Fogg Oct. 2, 2001, 4:35 p.m. (Message 27658)

    Books versus Cribs

    Hi all,
    In replying to Ron's possible "survey" thread on how many subscribers
    collect books of instruction, as opposed to crib sheets,  I think it would
    be useful to know whether the person replying to a survey,  teaches or is
    just a regular dancer. As a teacher, I purchase not only to support the very
    clever folks who write wonderful dances but to have the "real" instructions
    to teach my class. Most of my class members love receiving their RSCDS book
    when they pay their dues and they save all their crib sheets but other than
    Pillings, they do not buy dance books. (Maybe because they know their
    teacher does......
    Richmond, VA

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