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  • Strathspey

    Strathspey Oct. 2, 2001, 4:02 p.m. (Message 27657)

    RE: Island CD Survey

    I have Colin's CDs, rather than cassettes, for dancing which are tracked so
    easy to identify. Vol IV has no applause so you may have won your point.
    Another great dancing CD by the way with an excellent Montgomeries Rant
    As another game, Colin Dewar's Special Requests Volume III, one of the tunes
    on the recording is wrongly identified on the sleeve notes - can you spot
    which one?
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    Subject: RE: Island CD Survey
    > What a splendid thread this is! Thanks Anselm! My selection, in order of
    > preference, is as follows:
    > "Yellow" Highlander Vol? by David Cunningham
    > "Special Requests Vol II" by Colin Dewar
    > "Clashmadden" by Nicol McLaren and the Glencraig Band
    	Hi, Graham
    		I don't suppose you use the Colin Dewar tapes for dancing?
    I have just tested Vol III and it is the same as the others, there
    is applause (I suspect applied) between each dance.  Of course it
    means that, for those of us who use the sound search Karaoke
    systems, it is not possible to find the item we want without messing
    around with the fast forward/rewind bottons so they are unusable in
       	I had made this point to the supplier of the first tape but
    go no response so just use the tapes for listening.	I have tried
    re-taping but it takes too much time and there is still the
    irritating applause at the beginning/end of each item.
    	I was going to post this to Strathspey but thought I might Anselm
    breathing down my neck - again!! Pity again.
    Cheers,  Ron   :)
     < 0   Ron Mackey,(Purveyor of Pat's Party Pieces)
      'O>  Mottingham,
      /#\  London. UK.

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