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  • Malcolm and Helen Brown

    Malcolm and Helen Brown Oct. 2, 2001, 2:52 a.m. (Message 27637)

    Re: RE: What do you think about this?

     Marilynn said
    > ... Now, how does this relate to SCD?   Because I think Breakfast dances
    > would be a lovely custom with breakfast served in courses between dances.
    > Does anyone else agree?
    I think this is an interesting idea.   Many years ago, Malcolm had an 
    idea that he would like to hold a ball in a grand country house and 
    instead of finishing at midnight or just before as usual, finish with
    breakfast.   (This never materialised.)
    I also had to smile at Marilynn's idea of a Breakfast dance as one of
    our sons often tells us "I don't do mornings"!   Maybe only the morning
    people would be there.
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