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  • ron.mackey

    ron.mackey Oct. 1, 2001, 11:06 p.m. (Message 27627)

    Re: Island CD Survey

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    > From:          "Jim & Donna Ferguson" <>
    > I agee that this is an excellent idea!  Although neither Jim and I are
    > teachers we have a lot of SCD CDs, but I'm learning names of some I didn't
    > know existed.  We'll have to try some of the ones that all of you are raving
    > about in this thread.
    > Donna
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    > From: "Graham Hamilton" <xxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxxxx.xx.xx>
    	Hi, Donna
    		I have just chickened out from posting a reply on Strathspey to 
    Graham and sent it direct instead.  It's about the Colin Dewar tapes. 
    I don't think the CDs have the same problem but the tapes have 
    applause between each item which means that a sound search system 
    such as I use on a Karaoke will not find individual items as the 
    noise is continuous.
       So, if you go for the Dewar music to use for dancing I suggest 
    you get the CDs.  The music is so good it's frustrating not to be 
    able to use them in class!!
    Happy Dancing
    Cheers  :)
    Ron Mackey.  London Branch

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