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  • ron.mackey

    ron.mackey Oct. 1, 2001, 11:06 p.m. (Message 27624)

    Re: Buffalo Workshop

    > > Ah, Patty & Lee!!!  Fellow Travelers?
    > > 
    > Here, in New York, the term for people like you (and me) who are inclined to 
    > follow the workshops around is "trekkies".  Interesting how language seems to 
    > vary from one area to another, let alone from one country to another.
    > Chris Ronald
    	Hi, Chris
    		Fine surname you have - :)
    	On this side of the pond 'trekkies' is the name for the avid 
    followers of Star Trek.  As you say, interesting variations.
    Cheers,  Ron   :)
     < 0   Ron Mackey,(Purveyor of Pat's Party Pieces)
      'O>  Mottingham, 
      /#\  London. UK.

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