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  • Strathspey

    Strathspey Oct. 1, 2001, 2:16 p.m. (Message 27611)

    RE: Island CD Survey

    What a splendid thread this is! Thanks Anslem! My selection, in order of
    preference, is as follows:
    "Yellow" Highlander Vol? by David Cunningham
    "Special Requests Vol II" by Colin Dewar
    "Clashmadden" by Nicol McLaren and the Glencraig Band
    Three is an incredibly tough number to keep to, even rejecting all
    recordings other than those I happen to have on CD and any that don't fall
    into the strict Scottish Country Dancing bracket.
    The reasons behind my choice are that the David Cunningham is for me the
    best dancing CD in terms of tempo, tune selection and rhythm that I have
    ever danced to - brilliant.
    Colin Dewar represents a fine contrast in style to David Cunningham, relying
    on a dominant piano/bass to give the wonderful solidity in his sound whilst
    the technical execution of the melody is second to none.
    Nicol's CD edges out all the others for very personal reasons. Nicol and his
    family are close friends and we visit each other regularly with plenty of
    music involved of course. Nicol has a wonderful swing to his playing which
    again makes it one of the most dancable CDs on the market - again a great
    contrast to the styles of David and Colin. My favorite track on this CD -
    the strathspey "Partens in his Creel". The fact that two of the tunes on
    this track were written by my father for me and Caroline, my wife is
    probably not entirely coincidental.
    I don't know if Anselm intentionally took this idea from Desert Island
    Discs, a radio show in the UK. If you did Anselm, you will know that one
    luxury is also allowed. In this vein I would like to take along a full set
    of band equipment - accordion, fiddle, drum kit, piano, pa etc. By careful
    persuasion I might be able to get three of the monkeys to play the
    accordion, fiddle and piano so that we can have a great jam session!
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    From: Anselm Lingnau []
    Sent: 25 September 2001 11:16
    Subject: Island CD Survey
    Since we seem to be back on track with SCD-related topics, here's
    another little fun project for those of you who would like to play
    Imagine you were to spend a year on a South Sea island. Which three SCD
    CDs would you want to take along? (Let's imagine that there is an ample
    supply of monkeys around who would be more than happy to fill out a set
    once the coconuts and bananas are cleared away; the point is that these
    three CDs will be the only ones available. Oh yes, and the monkeys have
    all passed the RSCDS proficiency test so they will be able to dance
    whichever dance you fancy :^))
    Please post your lists here or send them to `'.
    I will collect the results and put them on a page on the Strathspey
    Server unless the submitters object. To start things off, my own list
    would be (in alphabetical order):
      - Cairngorms (Keith Smith and Muriel Johnstone)
      - Memories of Scottish Weekend (Scottish Weekend Band 1998)
      - The San Francisco Collection, vol. 2 (Various)
    Anselm Lingnau ..........................................
    In these matters the only certainty is that nothing is certain.
                                                                 -- Pliny the

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