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  • ron.mackey

    ron.mackey Sept. 30, 2001, 10:42 p.m. (Message 27606)

    Re Domino 5

    > At Bayside, one of our clubs in Brisbane, Australia, some of our dancers 
    > devised a variation of this dance which we called Domino 10, danced by 
    > couples in tandem, which makes it even more interesting. Try it!
    >         Ian
    	Hi, Ian
    		In the book Derek notes that D5 was devised as 'an example of 
    basic right and left shouldered 8 bar reels of 3 from each starting 
    	  If you want a dance with a similar end figure danced in pairs 
    try The Fisherman's Reel, a 5 couple dance by Sue Petyt and Jane 
    Gamon from The Dunblaine Holiday and Other Dances by Sue Petyt.  Its 
    a nice dance and finishes with the 8 bars of similar 2 bar changes in 
    PS	I got my copy from SNDC/Kelpi.
    Cheers,  Ron   :)
     < 0   Ron Mackey,(Purveyor of Pat's Party Pieces)
      'O>  Mottingham, 
      /#\  London. UK.

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