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  • Jonathan Wilson

    Jonathan Wilson Sept. 30, 2001, 1:27 a.m. (Message 27599)

    We're With You was Dance Around the World

        I suggested a couple of dances earlier but how about this as a dance to
    remember all those lost and remind the rest of us how lucky we are.  I know
    it isn't good but it might provoke some reaction.  If it, or its derivative,
    could be done across the world on Nov. 3rd and announced for what it is, it
    would bring us all together.  If you can improve it please do so.
    We're With You
        1   -   8  Eight hands round and back  (italics [ help into places])
        9   - 10  All set in line in centre of dance  (italics[join in lines
    down room])
        11 - 14  Slip down/up
        15 - 16  All set in centre of dance
        17 - 20  Slip up/down
        21 - 22  Half four hands across
        23 - 24  All cross right hand
        25 - 32  1st couple and 4th couple Poussette
        If one wants symbolism then the first eight bars are the world together,
    talking to one's partner, moving together, and then talking to a
    stranger/nobody/friend.  Then moving together again, the Twin Towers and
    then two couples watching two couples working.  I didn't think of the
    symbolism first, I wrote it and then looked at the symbolism!
        I'm not trying to be trite, I wrote it as a simple dance that could be
    taught 'on the fly' as they say, but included the set/balance in line from
    Pia and Norah.
        I haven't had a chance to decide if it should be a reel or jig or the
    music it might got to, any ideas?
        From the server I know of the following events on 3rd Nov., does anybody
    else know of any more and then we can announce them all at our respective
    Central Kentucky Branch Annual Harvest Ball
    Argyle Weekend, Northern Virginia Branch
    The Ball, New York,
    AGM, Perth
    Boston Branch Annual Concert
    San Francisco Branch
    Tucson Celtic Festival
    Bellingham (WA) Scottish Country Dancers annual weekend
    Kingston ON Branch Weekend Workshop
    Stamford SCDC
        Apologies if I haven't described your do correctly,
    Jonathan J. Wilson

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