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  • Timothy Wilson

    Timothy Wilson Sept. 27, 2001, 7:47 p.m. (Message 27563)

    Re: Dance Around the World, islands, and monkeys

    >Any more November 3rd events?
    >Becky Sager
    >Marietta GA USA
    Yes, indeed. The San Francisco Branch will have our monthly party on that 
    day, too. Anselm's island question reminded me of the ceilidh at our 
    Asilomar weekend last year. The Berkeley class danced MacDonald of Sleat to 
    a very funny parody of Gilligan's Island.
    I've been monkeying around with the island dance program, and it's beginning 
    to sh-ape up. Here are a few suggestions:
    Howlers of Edinburgh
    Marmoset Sandwich (my apologies :-))
    Miss Gibbons Strathspey
    Macaque of the North
    Baboonie Anne
    Reel of the Macaques
    Tongue firmly in cheek,
    Tim Wilson
    San Francisco Branch
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