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  • e.ferguson

    e.ferguson Sept. 27, 2001, 4:49 p.m. (Message 27557)

    RE: Miss Gibson's Strathspey

    On 26 Sep 2001, at 21:14, Patricia Ruggiero wrote:
    > <..<peep>..>  I would like to know what folks think about "staying
    > in the middle" as the 1st Cpl finishes corner-partner turns
    > before dancing three-hands-across with the supporting couples. 
    > I find it satisfying to finish the left-hand turn with my
    > partner at the set lines and then surge forward toward the 2d
    > cpl for the hands across figure; staying in the center defeats
    > this, to my mind. 
    > I should add here that I don't have the original/official
    > instructions for this dance; <...> 
    The original instructions (Pocket Book 32+Leaflets, p. 41) say:
    17-24  1st couple turn first corners ..... (etc) .... and partner 
    with left hands, finishing ready for
    25-28  Right Hands across, 1st man with 3rd couple ...<etc>..., 
    passing right shoulders into  ... 
    Our cherished "Blue Manual" says:
    24      1st couple stay in the centre of the set at the end of the 
    left hand turn ready to dance right hands across.
    28      Similarly, 1st couple pass R shoulders in the centre of the 
    set to dance left hands across.  They do not dance out to the 
    TACnotes says:
    23-24  !st cpl dance a wide, three-quarters LH turn & flow into RH 
    across on bar 25
    and adds
    28  As 1st cpl pass R shldrs, 2nd and 3rd cpl turn inwards ready to 
    give LH.  Do not dance out to sidelines.
    Each group can of course make its 
    own choices, but if you wish to accept any of these "RSCDS 
    authorities" I fear that your "surge" stands defeated.
    Eric T. Ferguson, van Dormaalstraat 15, NL-5624 KH  EINDHOVEN, Netherlands
    tel: (+31)(0)40-243 2878 fax:40-246 7036  e-mail: x.xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxx.xx

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