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  • Rebecca Sager

    Rebecca Sager Sept. 27, 2001, noon (Message 27550)

    Re: Jeannie Carmichael Ball (was Incredible Dance escape this year)

    On Wed, 26 Sep 2001 21:14:33 -0400 "Patricia Ruggiero"
    <> writes:
    > Chris wrote:
    > That is, 2 to 4 November in New York.  This is the time of our annual
    > The Law of Dance Conflicts is operating here.  It says "if there is one
    > event happening on a given date, there is bound to be another good
    > scheduled for that same date."
    > Argyle Weekend, Northern Virginia Branch....a short version of Camp
    > Ramblewood.
    Also the Central Kentucky Branch will hold its annual Harvest Ball in
    Louisville on November 3rd. I can drive to that one. When we stepped on
    the solid ground of Atlanta airport on September 22 after our connecting
    flight from Philadelphia, I practically kissed the hot grubby floor!
    Becky Sager
    Marietta GA USA

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