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  • Oberdan Otto

    Oberdan Otto Sept. 27, 2001, 4:45 a.m. (Message 27544)

    Re: Strathspey List CENSORSHIP

    >I have to disagree with Oberdan on this one, not because I approve 
    >of censorship but because I believe Oberdan has confused censorship 
    >with censure.
    >Where I do agree with Oberdan is that I think Anselm allowed his 
    >exasperation (a term I prefer to "anger") to cloud things just ever 
    >so slightly when he threatened all "peepers" with exclusion.
    If I have not yet been booted off, please forgive this clarification, 
    obviously necessary because I was not sufficiently clear before.
    It appears that I am not actually confused and that we do not 
    actually disagree.
    My objection was to the threatened blanket booting of any peepers.
    As for whether the offending individual should have been "censured", 
    I am not qualified to judge, because my own exclusion filter was in 
    place and, thankfully, I was not subjected to the messages that 
    raised Anselm to "exasperation". However, given that I long ago felt 
    it necessary to engage that filter, it is most plausible that, either 
    in specific or in the aggregate, this individual crossed the line of 
    civility and that his removal was warranted.
    I also appreciate that in order for Anselm to be there for us and 
    protect us from those who would abuse the list, he cannot do as I 
    have done in engaging a personal filter. He gets the full blast of 
    anything that comes into Strathspey, including gazillions of messages 
    public and private advising him how he should be administering the 
    list. Perhaps we should all back off and let him do what he has 
    already been doing very well.
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