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  • mlbrown

    mlbrown Sept. 26, 2001, 1:30 a.m. (Message 27526)

    Re: Island CD Survey

    No fair! I was thinking that is was bad enough having to look through the 97
    pre-recorded CDs in our collection to come up with a top 3, and then you
    include the privately recorded ones! (OK, so you weren't the first, but I
    haven't got the other privately recorded CDs that were mentioned)
    Anyway its far too late for me to go through now, although I suspect I would
    have to include a Neil Barron CD because I use its generic Reels and Jigs
    for anything I don't have the right tune for.
    I also suspect I will have to select one of the Music Makars CDs, but I
    don't know which one - and that will only leave me with one more -
    decisions! decisions!
    By the way, I only have one recording for Belle of Bon Accord - except that
    the proper tune is "Bonnie Lass", which is the tune used for the St John
    River, and I could get a home made CD with that on it! (Only I couldn't
    remember that last week when I was getting the CDs out for a dance last
    My son asked how many of the 100 plus CDs I actually used, and I was
    pleasantly surprised to find that for an 18 dance programme I used a
    different CD for each dance, and even then some of my favourites weren't
    used, so it looks like I have to select from at least 30.
    Part of the trouble is of course that there are some dances that have
    "definitive" recordings - Reel of the Royal Scots - Bobby Brown / Miss
    Milligan's Strathspey - Ian MacPhail / Bratach Bana - Andrew Rankine / Music
    Makars - Music Makars / The Sailor - Berkely Players  ,    and a lot of
    these tracks are only on LPs & private CD recordings. Do I allow my liking
    for the dance to influence my choice of recording? (I told you it was too
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    > Since my original message (sent on 11 Sept) got buried under a lot of
    > I'm sending it again:
    > >Even if we are all afraid of being sued for slander in case of negative
    > comments, there's no reason why we shouldn't voice our praise for the
    > bands (recordings) we like best.
    > My vote goes to the White Cockade and to the Sound Company, whose
    > musicianship, clarity, and energy could keep me dancing for the rest of my
    > life.
    > I imagine there will be a distinct divide between tastes on the two sides
    > of the Atlantic ...
    > (Note my own non-partisan approach !)
    > ---
    > So the 3 CDs that I couldn't do without are:
    > On Track, by the Sound Company.
    > Tartan Capers, by the White Cockade.
    > and a home made copy of an old record of Don Bartlet & the Scotians
    > ---
    > Martin,
    >  in Grenoble, France.
    >               (dance groups,  events,  some new dances ...)

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