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  • Marilynn Knight

    Marilynn Knight Sept. 24, 2001, 2:08 p.m. (Message 27490)

    Ramblewood- Incredible Dance escape this year!!!!!

    Words are really failing me to adequately convey the myriad positives I
    brought home within my being from my first 'Ramblewood Experience'.  If it
    has been so incredibly lush every previous year, and I strongly suspect it
    has given that wonderful CD that I use as often as possible from 1998?....,
    all I can say it, they should let us all in on their secrets.  
    In truth, it's always fun to get away and experience a new setting, new
    music, new dance friends, but not all week ends, weeks are equal.  I will
    mull for a long time the many positives of Ramblewood 2001.  I wish I had
    more time now while it is still very fresh to articulate specifics, but work
    is pressing me to let go for now.  Let me just say thanks to all those who
    revealed themselves to me as 'strathspey friends, both lurkers and
    regulars'.  Know that I am grateful to each and every one of you, and to
    you, Anselm, for the healthy existence of this ongoing 'dance of
    If Scottish Country Dance is healthy, then Ramblewood this year for this
    dancer was the height of healthy.
    As sincerely as is possible,
    Marilynn Latta Knight
    In Columbia, SC where it currently is muggy and foggy, but I am obliviously
    in a 'what-me-worry state'....  But, then, isn't that what it's sort of
    about, this stuff we call SCD.  Even a two-hour wait to board the plane home
    did not diminish the 'post-dance euphoria', my drug of choice!!!!!  And,
    hey, I got home right on time.

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