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  • RuddBaron

    RuddBaron Sept. 24, 2001, 1:42 p.m. (Message 27489)

    Re: a Letter

    Miss Fiona et al, (apologies to Miss Fiona if she has a husband, but 
    etiquette dictates I not "give her a husband" unless I know for sure she has 
    The description of "irrelevant material" is certainly quite subjective. The 
    Strathspey Server has provided a way for people around the world who are 
    joined by the common bond of Scottish Country Dancing to stay in touch 
    without, for instance, spending a fortune on long distance phone calls. As 
    the culture of our ancestral homeland (for many participating in SCD) of 
    Scotland is highly relevant to understanding and enjoying this form of dance, 
    the cultures of the various countries in which "displaced Scots" have found 
    themselves and in which non-Scots have taken up SCD can also be relevant, and 
    can yield further understand of the art form. For example, what is it about 
    this form of dance that makes it popular in Japan or Germany? What is going 
    on there right now that might affect this? Many dances, as you know, are made 
    based upon historical events...much like the one going on in the world right 
    now. Such events are indeed important to SCD, and no doubt several dances 
    will come out of it. As to the war at hand, I can only look to previous wars 
    such as WWII to say that the survival of freedom, including the freedom to 
    practice Scottish Country Dancing, depends entirely on winning the war. 
    Therefore the letter I sent, largely about things individuals can do to 
    assist, is highly relevant. But as I just said, relevance is a highly 
    subjective qualification.
    As for "...[saving] the rest of us from your irrelevant pronouncements" and 
    other invectives, I shan't respond in kind. While I'm free, at least in this 
    country, to speak, you neither have to listen nor respond. On a list server 
    you may start reading, see it isn't something you want, and press the delete 
    key; or indeed if you consider anything I write to be "irrelevant 
    pronouncements", press the delete key without reading. In any case, if you 
    find it irrelevant, then why respond? 
    In a message dated 9/24/01 4:25:03 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
    xxxxx.xxxxx@xxxxxxx.xx.xx writes:
    << Rudd,
     You have  frequently disregarded the etiquette of the strathspey server, and
     the repeated requests of the webmaster to post only relevant dance related
     comments on this forum. Such cantankerous behaviour is rude and offensive
     and illustrates a selfishness you appear to share with some of the
     extremists you seek to denigrate.
     In future please either observe the rules of civility, or unsubscribe and
     save the rest of us from your irrelevant pronouncements.
     Fiona. >>
    Slàinte mhath, h-uile latha, na chì 'snach fhaic. Slàinte mhòr.
    An Ridir Radtherfòrd Beurach MacIain, MacSiamas

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