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  • RuddBaron

    RuddBaron Sept. 23, 2001, 8:45 p.m. (Message 27484)

    A letter

    Here is an open letter to America. Please read it, spread it around,
    submit it to your local newspapers for publication, share it, forward
    it, etc.
    From the Office of the Commander Emeritus
    Georgia Chapter
    The George S. Patton, Jr. Historical Society
     22nd September, 2001
     Dear Fellow Americans,
     I would like to discuss our recent events and current situation in America
     from a unique historical perspective. Specifically, I would like to look at
     it from the perspective of the philosophy of a great American, General George
     S. Patton, Jr. In addition to being a loyal patriot and one of the greatest
     Generals in American and World history, General Patton was a first-rate
     historian. This contributed greatly to his success in warfare, and even today
     there is much that can be learned from his maxims, writings, and actions.
     Quotations I include in this letter are sayings of Patton unless otherwise
     noted. On the 11th of September the first attack was made, and it will most
     likely not be the last. We are fighting an enemy that is unlike any other. I
     have heard many say "Bomb Afghanistan back to the Stone Age." While this is
     an understandable sentiment, an air campaign alone will not defeat this
     enemy. Commandos alone cannot defeat this enemy. The terrorist networks have
     such an intense hatred for America that it is difficult for most Americans to
     understand. General Patton wrote The Secret of Victory in 1926, and in it he
     stated that "it's the cold glitter of the attacker's eye, not the point of
     the questing bayonet, that breaks the line." Our enemy has an intense resolve
     to destroy us. It is so intense that they are glad to commit suicide to
     further their "cause." In order to defeat this enemy, every last citizen of
     this country must develop this "cold glitter" in their eyes, and the resolve
     that we all do whatever we must in order to win and eradicate the enemy. Even
     more than the Japanese of WWII whom my grandfather fought, the terrorists are
     prepared to fight to the last man. As in Vietnam, they hide in caves, not
     choosing to fight in conventional battle. This is not a conventional battle.
     We cannot afford to fight it that way. 
     I have also heard some say that this attack on New York and Washington, D.C.
     was so simple; in fact, it was so simple that anyone could have done it.
     Indeed it was quite simple. That is a basic combat tactic. It was simple; it
     was direct. The terrorists trained as pilots in our country on the very
     planes they would soon be using as makeshift cruise missiles. They rode the
     flights they would later hijack in order to learn weaknesses in security,
     when and how to strike, and other vital points. They had the element of
     surprise. That is basic combat tactics. Our adversaries have significant
     capabilities. We must not underestimate this fact, and therefore we must
     "never let the enemy pick the battle site." If we do not take the initiative,
     "[we'll] be playing into his game on his terms and fitting right into his
     plans." Perhaps one of Patton's most famous sayings is highly appropriate:
     "Grab 'em by the nose and kick 'em in the ass." This is true for any battle,
     and it is what must be done in our current situation. 
     We must expect the enemy to attempt more such attacks on American soil in the
     near future. "A large part of the decision-making process depends not only on
     the information you possess about the enemy, his movements, and his
     capabilities, but also on your past experience and knowledge." Patton
     asserted that "because of [his] intense study of history, [he has] a
     countermove for every move the enemy might make." We must be aware of the
     methods our enemy use and what they have done in the past. The attack on the
     World Trade Center is a spectacular example. The people of this great Nation
     must be prepared for more such attacks, take precautions for them, and fight
     them. We know they operate in an attempt to instill fear in us and disrupt
     our business and daily lives. We must accept this and the possibilities of
     what can happen. "Do not take counsel of your fears." Fear only gives the
     enemy the edge. Let fear be the problem of our enemy, and we'll have the
     edge. It's going to take resolve to win this war.
     Patton said "it is better to fight for something in life than to die for
     nothing." We the People must be willing to stand up for our nation, our
     homes, our families and friends, and "never give up until [we] have attained
     the top or the grave." My family has been in this great land for ten
     generations. Others are recently naturalized American citizens. All came here
     in search of freedom and a better life. We must all decide right here and now
     if this idea and spirit we call America just a casual idea to be cheered when
     convenient, or is it truly worth having and protecting. We must resolve that
     our current feeling of intense patriotism shall never be diminished, even in
     the face of future attacks from our enemy; and those attacks will come. This
     war will be fought and won not only by our gallant fighting forces, but by
     every citizen of this great nation. We must be determined to fight if another
     airliner is hijacked. Remember that there are many passengers on a plane, but
     few hijackers. We must be determined to fight to defend our homes and our
     communities. We must be determined to support our government and our military
     in their efforts to hunt down and exterminate terrorists, eradicate their
     support networks, and destroy governments which support these networks. This
     will not be an easy task, but we must be determined. 
     If General Patton was here today, and indeed if the Framers were here, I
     believe they would all be thoroughly impressed with the unity our country has
     shown in the past two weeks. The General proposed that "it is the
     unconquerable soul of man, and not the nature of the weapon he uses, that
     ensures victory." Our resolve is going to be tested as it has never been
     tested before. This enemy does not understand reason and does not respond to
     negotiation. No amount of love and compassion will change their attitude. We
     did not ask for this situation, but Americans have always risen to the
     challenge. Now is the time for all Americans to become true patriots and
     stand shoulder to shoulder against this evil enemy of all humanity. God bless
     Pro Deus et Patria,
     Sir Rutherford B. Johnson, CCS, MCS
     Commander Emeritus,
     Georgia Chapter
     The Patton Society

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