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  • Andrew Smith

    Andrew Smith Sept. 20, 2001, 8:06 a.m. (Message 27474)

    Re: RSCDS restructure AGM motion

    This is just the point.
    A meeting of 100+ is not really manageable, for a start, and this is why
    Bristol feels that "small is beautiful". The proposed Management Board is
    just that and it will be elected to do a job, rather than being enthusiastic
    representatives to whom a Chairman might feel more inclined to defer on
    occasion. We feel that it will be more able to be focused, as well as
    Records of meetings: one has a whole range of options from verbatim to
    merely recording the decisions taken. It may not be very satisfying to be
    receiving the latter, but it is really all that is needed, if the attendees
    are regular, and after all, if a meeting is missed there are always ways to
    find out some of the detail of what was discussed, so therefore punchy and
    paper conserving minutes are OK.
    I think we have had a run of very capable Chairmen with vision. It continues
    and long may it do so.  Thanks are due to them, as to the representatives,
    for their commitment.
    We see the way forward which we are proposing as clear and necessary for the
    future health of the Society.
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    >>Malcolm Brown writes
    >>2) One of the major costs for the Society is the cost of the Exec Council
    >>meetings - we hold 2 a year with over a hundred people present at >>each
    meeting - most of the time it rubber stamps .......
    > Classic isn't.  As a member of various small organisations it always
    > exasperates me the way people who weren't at the previous discussions
    > fell entitled to reopen the subject from Stage 1 and go over old ground
    > again and again.
    > However it does suggest that either the structure is flawed, the papers
    > distributed to members are not adequate or not read, or the Chair person
    > needs to shut em up.  Suggest some effort be expended in ascertaining
    > which and then take a decision...
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