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  • ron.mackey

    ron.mackey Sept. 19, 2001, 8:55 p.m. (Message 27469)

    Re: Off-Topic posts.

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    > Date:          Wed, 19 Sep 2001 09:15:49 EDT
    > Subject:       Re: Off-Topic posts.
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    > While I agree that Strathspey server should be dedicated to SCD (and is 
    > indeed a wonderful resource ,Thanks again Anselm!!!) I do think that  
    > occasional off topic and political threads  (suitably restrained ) are 
    > important. They help me to understand  the thought patterns and attitudes of 
    > the other members and thus to assess their SCD postings  better.It is good to 
    > see the many sides of  our members -it makes them more "real".Most of the 
    > political threads have been USA -centered - I would welcome occasional 
    > similar threads from non-USA members .We are all dedicated Scottish Country 
    > Dancers but we are also human beings  and many things can influence our lives 
    > and therefore our dancing!!
    > Kirk Bachler
    	Hi, Kirk,
    		I wouldn't dare make a comment on Strathspey about my opinion of 
    the current political and social trends in this country at the 
    moment.  I'd be drummed out of the List with my epaulettes torn off 
    etc. etc. for using improper and inflammatory language.  :~)
    	I'd be condemned as one of the old persons who are living 
    in the past where the grass was greener etc.
    	_And_ I would lose my reputation as a good-humoured leg-puller ...!! 
    Cheers,  Ron   :)
     < 0   Ron Mackey,(Purveyor of Pat's Party Pieces)
      'O>  Mottingham, 
      /#\  London. UK.

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