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  • Bruce Hamilton

    Bruce Hamilton Sept. 19, 2001, 9:20 a.m. (Message 27446)

    Re: Lady Hamilton's Strathspey Question

    Richard Brown <> wrote:
    > ... the dance
    > instructions for Lady Hamilton's Strathspey were a bit unclear.  Can anyone
    > tell me in bars 9-12, do couples 1 and 3 set and then turn two hands round,
    > or do they turn two hands round without setting?
    John Drewry wrote it on Ken McFarland's tour to Turkey last October, and
    dedicated it to my wife, Jo Hamilton.  I have the directions here :-)
    "9-12    1st couple set to each other and then turn with both hands once
    round to finish in the middle of the set facing diagonally down towards 2nd
    woman. 3rd couple dance similarly to finish facing diagonally up towards 2nd
    After you follow the directions above, the 1s will be "improper" (man on R,
    lady on L). It feels odd, but you need to have each person nearer their own
    side of the set. Then the arches take you to the opposite side, and the
    chase brings everyone back to their own side, in 3,2,1 order.
    Hope this helps. I admit to being disappointed that the ball directions
    didn't give the devisor's name.
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