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  • Ken and Andreena Broadley

    Ken and Andreena Broadley Sept. 19, 2001, 7:56 a.m. (Message 27442)

    Re: Current political events on Strathspey

    I whole heartedly agree with you.  It is very disappointing to see political
    issues on Strathspey.
    I feel like everyone else that this has been an horrific tragedy with
    terrible consequences, but this is
    not the place to air one's political views.
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    Sent: Wednesday, September 19, 2001 10:55 AM
    Subject: Current political events on Strathspey
    > This is in answer to several people who have written in privately, and
    > it also happens to be my own opinion:
    > Please remember that Strathspey is a list for the discussion of Scottish
    > dancing as opposed to current political affairs. I am as appalled by the
    > events of last week as the next person, and I have so far refrained from
    > throwing the rule book at those people who used Strathspey to help them
    > cope during the last few days. Indeed I was happy to find out that no
    > Strathspey subscribers seem to have been hurt either personally or by
    > having relatives, friends and so on injured or killed.
    > However, I wasn't particularly happy to see the original `Afghan
    > opinion' article on the list (even though I quite agree with the gist of
    > it), and the ensuing discussion is, in my opinion, completely irrelevant
    > to Scottish dancing as such and therefore has no place on this list.
    > This list does have a policy statement of what is appropriate (check
    >, and I would like to ask all
    > subscribers to adhere to this. I would hate to have to moderate every
    > single posting to let only the topical ones through, which would be a
    > major bother and a waste of time, but if people persist in trying to
    > turn this list into a discussion forum for US politics (and not for the
    > first time, either) that is exactly what is going happen, sooner or
    > later.
    > Remember, there are lots of places on the Internet where people can air
    > their political views, but there is only one Strathspey list. Please
    > help keep it that way.
    > Anselm
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