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  • Oberdan Otto

    Oberdan Otto Sept. 19, 2001, 5:45 a.m. (Message 27441)

    Off-Topic posts.

    Hi Cole and Anselm,
    First, thank you Cole for the Afgan posting. It was something I 
    needed to hear. Strathspey is the only list to which I have the time 
    to subscribe, and I would not have heard it otherwise. I generally 
    have a lot of respect for the people on Strathspey and appreciate 
    what they have to share whether it is about SCD or not. I could have 
    done without much of the prattle that followed your posting, but it 
    did not unduly inconvenience or distress me: the delete key is very 
    easy to operate.
    Anselm, I once again want to thank you for providing Strathspey for 
    us and for doing your best to keep things on an even keel, which I 
    think you have done exceedingly well. However, I hope you don't feel 
    it necessary to turn into a list censor based on thread subject. 
    Rather, I would prefer you reserved the heavy hand for those who feel 
    it necessary to subject us to their bigotry. Otherwise, one of the 
    things I especially like about Strathspey is that it periodically 
    stretches beyond the bounds of SCD. I really do want to know what 
    people on Strathspey feel about momentous events, especially when 
    they feel deeply. I think Strathspey is much the richer for it.
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