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  • Oliver Thinius

    Oliver Thinius Sept. 18, 2001, 11:42 p.m. (Message 27430)

    Questions to the Webmaster

    I haven't got your E-mail to send this off the newsboard. But maybe
    this covers other peoples' interests as well as mine. Two questions:
    1) Would it be possible to have the full e-mail addresses of the
    people sending their messages in the list of contents of each digest?
    Sometimes I would like to answer to messages off the mailing list and
    2) Is the Digest a complete list of submissions of a time period or
    is it a monitored or screened issue (moderierte Veröffentlichung)?
    For example I have seen messages 27409 and 27411 in the digest, but
    not 27410.
    Best regards,
    Oliver Thinius

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