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  • RuddBaron

    RuddBaron Sept. 18, 2001, 8:10 p.m. (Message 27417)

    Re: Afghan opinion

    Nothing bigotted about that. We're either American or we're not,
    regardless of national origin. If this "Afghan-American" is from
    Afghanistan but now American, he's American.
    In a message dated Tue, 18 Sep 2001  1:04:12 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
    M Sheffield <xxxxxx.xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxx.xx> writes:
    > At 11:13 18/09/01 EDT, you wrote:
    > >Right now there is no room for hyphenated Americans. 
    > >
    > >s/RBJ
    > And there's no room for bigotry on this list.
    > We're all in this together.
    > Martin,
    >  in Grenoble, France.

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