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  • Rudge, Janet

    Rudge, Janet Sept. 18, 2001, 3:47 p.m. (Message 27407)

    RE: RSCDS restructure AGM motion

    To pick up on a couple of Malcolm's earlier comments -
    I don't think the discussion of restructuring the Society for
    the future should always get bogged down over the cost of sending 
    out books and bulletins.
    I, for one, have never used the dance instruction books which 
    are sent - I wouldn't bring myself to actually throw them away,
    but they are stuffed at the back of cupboards and I would prefer 
    not to receive them at all.  NB I'm just a dancer not a teacher
    so I don't feel I need my own full copy of dance instructions
    (especially with music which I can't play!).
    Also, I hardly do more than flip through the bulletin when it 
    arrives - in fact, this List is a far better source of fuller
    and more up-to-date information anyway.  So, I would prefer not 
    to receive the bulletin either, but to have its contents 
    available on the RSCDS website where I would be able to refer 
    to it but it isn't cluttering up my house.  The same would go 
    for HQ Newsbriefs.
    So there's some costs saved straight away.  Even at present
    membership rates, HQ could still have the same amount of money 
    from me and I wouldn't have lost anything I wanted in the first 
    Perhaps I'm not representative, I expect you'll all tell me so!
    Malcolm's cost-saving suggestions mostly seem common-sense and 
    presumably can be applied whatever the new management structure 
    looks like - indeed, why haven't they been applied before now?
    I would argue with one, however... Doesn't experience suggest 
    that adding an extra (regional) layer of bureaucracy would have 
    quite the opposite of a cost-saving effect?
    I would support Andrew's outline of the Bristol Branch motion 
    for the AGM as a way forward for managing the RSCDS.  I think
    we should bite the bullet now instead of trying some form of
    compromise/deferring tactic for a few years, during which
    things may get steadily worse.
    Best regards,
    Beaconsfield, UK
    RSCDS London Branch

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