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  • e.ferguson

    e.ferguson Sept. 17, 2001, 9:42 p.m. (Message 27398)

    Re: RSCDS restructure AGM motion: voting system

    On 17 Sep 2001, at 18:09, Andrew Smith wrote:
    > 3 (a) That every fully paid up Member of the RSCDS at HQ shall have
    > the right to vote at General Meetings, and to elect such Members to
    > the Management Board and Standing Committees of the Society at HQ; (b)
    > That a Branch Convention be convened annually to provide a forum for
    > Branch members to discuss issues affecting the Branches and put
    > forward proposals to the Management Board of the Society at HQ.
    > 4  That all Members of the Society at HQ should pay their
    > subscriptions direct to HQ, and all Branches/Local Associations should
    > make an annual donation to HQ proportionate to the numbers of
    > Branch/Local Association members which they have (exclusive of Members
    > at HQ), the annual subscription and donation amounts to be set by the
    > Society at HQ AGM.
    Could Andrew please explain the voting procedure?  If even a few 
    thousand "Branch+Affiliated Group" members become HQ members, the 
    full AGM will never be able to bring together more than a small 
    fraction of them all.
    With "one member one vote" few will decide to travel from far just to 
    cast one single vote.  In addition, those living near by can always 
    "load" the meeting.  Those living far away are therefore in effect 
    Would it not be better if members not attending were allowed to vote 
    by proxy through members attending ?  That would allow (e.g.) New 
    Zealand, for the first time, to have influence related to its size.
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