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  • Andrew Smith

    Andrew Smith Sept. 17, 2001, 7:09 p.m. (Message 27394)

    RSCDS restructure AGM motion

    Anselm has kindly agreed to my using the good services of the Strathspey
    server to advertise the motion which Bristol Branch is putting before the
    AGM of the Society in November. I hope this is not too long.
    Bristol Branch/Local Association proposes to amend its original motion to
    the following:
    "That Bristol Branch of the RSCDS proposes that this AGM approves the
    amendments (attached below) to the Draft Revised Constitution and Rules of
    the Society (already circulated) as will enable implementation of the
    following principles concerning the Management and Membership of the
    1 That the present management structure of the RSCDS is replaced by a
    Management Board and other Committees as described in the report of the
    General Purposes Committee presented to the Executive Council on 12 May
    2  That membership of the Society may be as a Member at HQ and/or of a
    Branch/Local Association.
    3 (a) That every fully paid up Member of the RSCDS at HQ shall have the
    right to vote at General Meetings, and to elect such Members to the
    Management Board and Standing Committees of the Society at HQ;
    (b) That a Branch Convention be convened annually to provide a forum for
    Branch members to discuss issues affecting the Branches and put forward
    proposals to the Management Board of the Society at HQ.
    4  That all Members of the Society at HQ should pay their subscriptions
    direct to HQ, and all Branches/Local Associations should make an annual
    donation to HQ proportionate to the numbers of Branch/Local Association
    members which they have (exclusive of Members at HQ), the annual
    subscription and donation amounts to be set by the Society at HQ AGM.
    The philosophy which underlies our approach is to ensure that all eligible
    people who wish to be regarded as subscribing members of the RSCDS may be
    so, making payment for membership in accordance with their level of interest
    and/or means. The main issue is that all members will be eligible to apply
    for places at the Schools and purchase Society publications, recordings,
    accessories etc at members' discount without distinction, as they all
    support the Society. The principal difference will be that rights to vote
    for and participate in the management of the Society will only attach to
    those subscribing as Members of the Society at HQ. Such Members may, in
    addition, choose to be members of a Branch as well as HQ Members.
    There is some concern that Branches will feel the loss of their Branch
    Representatives, resulting in a lessening in the relationship between
    Branches and HQ. The reality of the structure now is such that the Branches
    are legally separate bodies. In recognition of that independence it is
    proposed that there is no mandatory requirement for any member of a Branch
    to also be a Member of the Society at HQ. In order to maintain the
    relationship between Branches and Society HQ it is proposed there will be a
    Branch Convention, which members of Branches may attend. Branch Members may
    also attend the Society AGM as observers, and of course Branches could raise
    issues of concern with the Society at any time, as licence holders.
    We are also looking for the original smaller Management Board with 6 elected
    members in addition to the Officers and Committee Convenors, rather than the
    18 currently proposed by the Exec.
    I have not appended the proposed constitutional changes to implement the
    above, which form part of the motion. Anselm has offered space on the web
    site for a longer submission, if people are interested. I will do my best to
    answer any points, and would welcome your views, and some indication of,
    hopefully, support. Thank you for your patience.

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