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  • Martin.Sheffield

    Martin.Sheffield Sept. 17, 2001, 10:17 a.m. (Message 27392)

    Re: attracting new/young folks

    Sylvia wrote:
    > This weekend I played for a dance in a situation where about 1/4 
    >folks had little or no experience but got a ticket for the dance to do 
    >something for the evening. 
    I would have thought that a dance open to the general public could only
    have a program of  easy-to-join-in ceilidh type dances.
    The uninitiated cannot possibly enjoy our usual country dances.
    Whenever I have MC'd a public evetn of that kind, I have kept thigs very
    basic, and it has always worked. The regulars who turn up don't mind doing
    easy dances because the atmosphere is quite different from weekly classes,
    it's still an enjoyable night out. If the regulars are in the majoprity, I
    annonce a few dances (but very few) reserved for those that know. This
    gives my people the chance to do a dance the like, and gives the public a
    glimpse of the real thing.
    >Several young people asked about doing round the room dances and Dashing 
    >White Sergeant. 
    Which seem to be the best choice in this situation.
     >As a gesture to them Strip the willow was done 
    That would not have been my choice -- did anyone enjoy doing it?
    >While I don't know the correct answer I feel that an opportunity to attract 
    >newcomers was lost.  
     in Grenoble, France.

                  (dance groups,  events,  some new dances ...)

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