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  • res009k3

    res009k3 June 15, 2001, 4:08 p.m. (Message 26360)

    Re: Ecossaises but really schottisches

    Regarding barn dances vs. schottisches:
    Brian seems to be missing the point in my previous.
    The point of intersection of barn dances, schottishcess, ecossaises is
    their strathspeyness: the step step step hop.
    By simply mentioning an example of how one faces in one form does not
    change their common essence.
    Yes, barn dances are round the room couple dances, but at the same
    time by their step, barn dances are schottishces and therefore
    ecossaises. Since I don't know of any barn dances that do not use this
    step, I would say that a barn dance is a subset of a schottische.
    Simply describing the step in French does not change this.
    When you say "quite different", you both fail to explain the
    difference and cite any specific reference to the Fletts.
    Of course the barn dance as a programmed schottishe is boring when the
    tune is played with too many repetitions, which is why the
    unprogrammed schottishe is probably intended by these long versions as
    the boredom is releaved by the breaking of what is essentially a round
    dance into a freestyle slow polka with an infinite number of
    variations as in ball room dancing.

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