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Pilling's "Wee green..." & updates

Message 9901 · Irene Van Maarseveen · 22 Dec 1997 18:56:32 · Top

Jenn Sawin wrote:

> [Quoting Cole Pavey]
>> I'd rather have a new book, and I just got my first one 6 months
>> ago!
> It's not the cost (very modest, we all should admit!).
> ...
> It's the copying over of all these personal entries into the new
> edition that I'd like to avoid, as it takes so much time!

This topic is probably exhausted by now, but ...

Jenn, I'm with you there. Not so much for Pilling, though, but for
the full descriptions of dances. More or less as I said earlier, I
think many people carry on using their out-of-date (and possibly not
100% accurate) old editions of books rather than rewrite their notes
each time there's a new revision. Which is mainly why I think it
would be nice to also be able to get some sort of separate update
sheet for the RSCDS dances as an alternative to replacing the book.
Perhaps, as someone suggested to me, the RSCDS could also incorporate
or supply the TAC notes on dances? (Yes, I know the Manual does
include some elucidations and modifications of dance descriptions.
And, yes, having notes available on the Web would also be useful.)

Of course, eventually one could have a pile of updates that's thicker
and more complex than the pile of original books ... by which time
the task of redoing the personal notes in a new set of books has
become even more daunting ...

Irene van Maarseveen
Pretoria, South Africa

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