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Message 7961 · stasa_morgan-appel · 11 Jun 1997 01:25:04 · Top

Stefan wrote:

>>Maybe in France, but not in Brittany! The circular dances of Brittany
are always clockwise, (e.g. by taking larger steps to the left and very
small to the right) because that's the way the sun goes. It seems to be an
old celtic concept, with roots deep in the religious ceremonies of the
past. Somebody with deeper knowledge?<<

That's partially what I was referring to in my earlier posting about
banishing and invoking. In northern and eastern European earth-based
spiritual traditions, one often moves sunwise or deosil (or clockwise,
once there were clocks) to invoke, welcome, or seal, and widdershins or
counterclockwise to devoke, banish, say farewell, or open.

For example, some common practices from religious ceremonies or rituals:
To prepare or purify, either symbolically or practically, the space in
which the ceremony or ritual will be held, by moving widdershins around
the edge of the space while holding incense, sweeping with a broom,
sprinkling with salt water, or performing another such action; moving
deosil while walking the borders of the space to formally delineate the
ceremonial space and to request, invoke, or welcome the presence(s) of the
power(s) or deity(ies) in that particular tradition; to bid farewell to
the presence(s) and to formally "un-delineate" the boundaries of the
ceremonial space at the end of the ritual by walking the borders

Whether a movement is performed sumwise or widdershins often depends on the
specific tradition, the seasonal holiday being celebrated, and the location
in the world where it is being observed. Most of my knowledge of and
experience with nature-based spiritual traditions comes from those of
eastern and northern European backgrounds.

Slightly off-topic? Not necessarily - remember that earlier thread
about SCD as a spiritual/religious experience...? *wink/grin*

Pennsylvania, USA

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