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Ball in Bielefeld (fwd, mostly)

Message 7766 · Anselm Lingnau · 22 May 1997 23:25:27 · Top

Coletta Busse sent me the following in reply to a comment I made to her
(privately) about balls with no recaps in Germany. She thought that I
had originally posted to the list instead of to her personally. I'm
forwarding her message to the list at her request.

Anyway, to establish the context of her message, here's part of what I
originally sent to her:

> Give us a break, Coletta :^) You've been over here for long enough to
> know all about the availability of SCD musicians for evening
> functions, the age and depth of pockets of the average dancer etc. to
> forgive us for calling our dances `balls' even though we don't usually
> have live music and the dress code is somewhat relaxed ...
> As far as the grand march, no talk-throughs and buffet are concerned, you
> can show us all how it ought to be done in four weeks' time ...

Coletta's reply follows. And before you haste to your keyboards to add
your comments about whether a ball should have talk-throughs or not,
remember that, on that particular subject, there is about half a megabyte's
worth of discussion already in the list archives.

Finally, there is one thing the announcement leaves unsaid, presumably
for reasons of individual modesty rather than non-importance. It turns
out that the dancers' workshop alluded to in the final paragraph will be
taught by a very nice lady who is well-known in this forum. I'm not
telling you who she might be, but her first name begins with a `C'.


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From: (Armin Busse)
Subject: Re: Differents peuples, differentes moeurs?
Date: Thu, 22 May 1997 08:39:00 +0100

What Anselm was alluding to is my chance to put my money where my mouth
is. The Bielefeld group is sponsoring a Ball on the 21st of June.
There will be live music. Suzi Petrov and James Gray will do the honors
There will be a grand march, the piper is already lined up
and the warning has gone out about no talk throughs.
I'm a bit amazed at the fervor this has caused. NOT TO PANIC, I/We are
not hard hearted! The intent with the warning is to provoke forethought.
If things look dicy, we'll give a talk through, but we don't HAVE to do
one for EVERY dance. There willl be pillings provided as well as written
discriptions, we WANT everyone to know what to do. I believe most dancers
will be pleasantly surprised at their own capabilities when challenged.
The advantage of no talk throughs is that the evening moves at a much
quicker, and better pace. There is also a higher ratio of music to
talking, also a major advantage. Besides, there will also be a ball review
in the afternoon, THAT'S when we'll do talk throughs and even walk
throughs, whilst the musicians aren't sitting around waiting for us.
(okay, down off the soap box and back to the advert).

Anyone who has not received an invitation, but is interested please
email me directly for more information.

OH! most importantly, Susie is going to be teaching a musicians workshop!
Anselm is right about the availability problem here. We're trying to do
something about THAT too ;-)

There will also be a dancers workshop. So remember;
21 June, BIELEFELD, Northwest Germany.
We'd love to see you all there!

Coletta Busse
Bielefeld, Germany
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Anselm Lingnau .........................
After the game, the king and pawn go into the same box. --- Italian proverb

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