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Candidate class

Message 6095 · ERBRUNKEN · 13 Jan 1997 05:17:55 · Top

Hi! I am sending this to a number of the dancers listed in Ellies'

We are currently running the teacher candidate calss and have 9 candidates
for their prelim exam. Next Saturday we will be having an all day class at
the NIH dance and fitness center in Bethesda. We need stooges from 12 noon
till 3 o'clock. PLease announce at your classes next week. The more
stooges the better.

PLease come and support the effort these people are putting in to become
teachers. we have candidates from the 3 area classes. Please support them.

Date: Saturday 18th
time: noon til 3:00 p.m.
Place: NIH fitmess center, Bethesda

More information from

Elaine Brunken:
PH: 703-590-8285 (h)
631-3518 (w)

PLease encourage people to come.


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