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New Haven Ball

Message 5937 · BEAusten · 2 Jan 1997 03:56:20 · Top

At last, a program for the 1997 New Haven (Conn.) Highland Ball on March 1,
1997 at the West Hartford Community Center. Flyers will be in the US mail
shortly. Watch for them in your mailbox or at your classes. Contact me if
you would like to be added to our mailing list.
1997 New Haven Ball Program

Machine Without Horses 32J3 12:12
Davy Nick Nack 32H3 Glasgow Assembly
Bedrule 32S3 33:7
Tarry a While 32J2 Graded:20
The Robertson Rant 80S Sq 39:8
The Duke and Duchessof Edinburgh 40R3 39:7


The Frisky 32J3 26:10
Mary Stewart Strathspey 32S RR Los Angeles 25th Anniv. Coll.
Red House 40R2 7:2
My Friend Joe 32S3 38:2
Lassies of Dunse 32J3 18:5
The Montgomeries Rant 32R3 10:1


Joie de Vivre 32J3 39:2
Miss Ogilvie's Fancy 32S3 20:8
The Mason's Apron 32R3 Border
Miss Allie Anderson 32J3 RSCDS Leaflet
Fair Donald 32S3 29:4
The Reel of the TheRoyal Scots 32R3 RSCDS Leaflet

See you on March 1.

Barbara Austen
72 Howard Ave.
New Haven CT 06519
(203) 624-8964

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